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Shall we shag now or should we shag later?

This is one of the first nearly completed object from my Christmas knitting. It’s for a close friend of the family. The pattern is Shag by Lynne Barr (Rav link) and I’m using Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton. I’m loving the yarn, it’s so soft! I’ll definitely use it again in future projects. The pattern on the other hand has been a bit of a pain. It’s easy but if you’re not paying attention you can very easily mess it which. I’ve ripped it out quite a few times. Hopefully for the last time since I’m nearly finished.

As you can see from the side bar I have quite a few items in progress, all of which need photographing. I took this on my way out the door from work the other night. It blended in a bit too much but the light was gorgeous.

I’ve made a few of the Ballband Dishcloths (Rav Link) from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I took the book out of the library and I kept it a bit longer than I should have. It was so difficult to return, but it’s on my list to get from Amazon one of these days. I missed the Mason-Dixon Knitters speaking here last month. I had a bunch of stuff going on and I’m regretting not being able to get over there for it. I heard it was great, complete with the wigs!

I’m so excited to start knitting from the new IK Holiday Issue. There’s so many gorgeous patterns, especially the Helix Gauntlets (Rav link)! I have the perfect yarn in mind for it, but I think I need to wait until after Christmas. I can’t believe Thanksgiving is only two weeks away. Christmas will be here before we know it!

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FOs and a great Fourth weekend

This is my first mobile post as I’m technically not home yet. I would like to publically thank a fabulous flight attendent who knew I really needed a drink, It took the edge off my anger and calmed me way down.

The lace ribbon scarf has been finished, blocked and gifted to my wonderful mom. It was a fun project and some brought me dsome gorgeous fingering Alpaca to make another. Her friend purchased a skein of Dream in Color Smooshy in Lipstick Lava so I can make her one. This is the third I’ll be making in DIC and I’m excited to use it again.

I picked up lots of lovely yarns on my trip to San Francisco bay area this past weekend. Some Shibui, Happy Feet, Collinette Jitterbug, Malabrigo. I didn’t knit as much as I normally do and after frogging my Charade, I think I was just a bit frustrated. I’m on the toe now but I need to work on my Dads sweater vest this week.

My trip overall was great and it was nice to spend time with my mom and stepfather. I went with my stepfather to look at the iPhones at the Apple store and left with an iPod Touch! Yay! It’s so pretty. I picked out my favorite type of case, the agent18 and I can’t wait to put some movies on it later today.

Before I forget, I want to give a shout out to a wonderful yarn shop I visited in Lafayette called The Yarn Boutique. This place and the owner were fabulous. She has a great selection of yarn and was so helpful. I wish I lived closer so I could go there often.

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Long long time

I’m not dead, not even close. I think the lack of posts came from a number of things: the busy season at work, the fact my blog was pretty new and just lack of wanting to deal with the errors that weren’t making things work right. I think the upgrade has improved things a bit so I’m ready to continue. I’m loving the things I’ve been knitting lately.

I’ve got a couple pairs of socks on the needles. A pair of stockinette in Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome in Cherry Blossom. This is my first attempt at two socks at the same time:


(Yes I realize they’re different lengths. I originally was going to do them separately.)

A pair of stockinette in Lorna’s Laces Grumperina Colorway:

Lorna's Laces Grumperina

A pair of Zombies for sock club in 101 Araucania Ranco Solid:


I made a quick knit in the form of a Blackberry Cozy for my Blackberry Curve. I’m too afraid to drop it on the rough floor at work. I used some leftover yarn from my first pair of socks:


A gorgeous but secret project for my mom… Too bad she knows the link but I’ll post pictures once it’s in the mail.

Spinning has been going well, but I’m going to take my wheel to my LYS since I don’t think it’s completely together properly. It’s just hard for me to get up there during the week.

Lately I’ve been finding some of the best TV to watch while knitting are these cheesy Lifetime movies. They all turn out the same but they’re funny to watch.

I planted five tomato plants last week. This is my first big gardening attempt and I’m trying my best to remember to water them! I also planted some chamomile and some spearmint in little pots to dry out for tea. I love loose leaf tea and I make a great nighttime blend using those herbs.

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Gah. I hate not having my voice. I’ve sounded horrible the past two days, it gets better and then runs away again.

I had my “Aha!” moment with spinning this evening and got it down. I was so proud of myself. I could tell when I was starting to get tired when the fiber kept breaking and figured I better turn in. Then my lovely Pumpkin jumped up on my knee which would have been fine, had she not shocked herself from static in the process and then dug her back claws into my leg. She did nearly the same thing two nights ago when she cut my arm with her back claws. Bad Pumpkin.

We had a gorgeous snowfall this evening right after work for about an hour or two and then what sounded like an ice storm. Too bad by the afternoon all the pretty snow will be washed away by the coming rains. I’d like to enjoy it for more than a day. It doesn’t seem like it snows here like it used to just a few years ago. I hate driving in it, but I love looking at it and dealing with it minus the cars.

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Weekend Full of Knitting (and some spinning)

Hello. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend (all zero of you since that’s how many read this). I’ve been working hard on a pair of socks and been attempting to do some spinning. I’m horrible at it so far and I really don’t want to frustrate myself to the point of not wanting to look at it again so I’ve been taking it slow. After my laundry is done I plan to give it another go for a few hours and hopefully things will start to click.

I’ve been sick for the past month or so with a sore throat. My doctor thought it was a virus and gave me some antibiotics which really didn’t do anything. He might be right and it could be allergies, but my voice has been slowly going the past week and it’s starting to scare me. I couldn’t yell at my cat to get her off the counter the other night. It was more of a hushed command and she could have cared less. So in hopes of regaining my voice for this weekend, I’ve stayed in as much as possible lately and rested to give it a chance to come back. Monday starts the busy season at work until June/July so I’m also enjoying having <b>nothing</b> to do.

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Awaiting my new toy.

If I told you I would finally fix my problems in WordPress this weekend, that would be a total lie. Why would it be a lie? Because my new wheel is set to arrive today! After the disaster that turned into my Christmas wheel that my mom got me, we settled on a Louet S17 to replace it. It’s a good starting wheel so I think this will all work out well for me. Did I mention I’m excited?

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Mom’s Rolled Brimmed Hat

Note: I guess I’m having some HTML issues on this blog. I’l look into it when I get home and get the photos of the hat up.

My first FO when I picked up the needles to learn again in September was a rolled brim hat. I really want to make a hat I could wear through the fall and I chose Noro Silk Garden without knowing much about yarn or even knitting. I struggled through, finally getting help from the wonderful Robyn at Rebelle, who showed me how to finish and that I was knitting through the back loop. Ooops. Once she corrected the problem I was good to go and once I finished off the hat, I knit the correct way from that point on. I thought maybe I had done it on my own when I picked the needles back up after nearly two years since my little scarfcapade (the three scarves I knit as Christmas gifts since I was broke that year.), but then at Christmas my mom asked if she could knit a row on a pair of socks I was working on. “Wow that’s tight!” She said trying to start, and then I saw it. <b>That’s where I got the backwards knitting from!</b> We sat down and I showed her the correct way to knit and then she revealed her mother had taught her like that. Three generations of back loop knitters. Eek! I showed her my backwards hat and as soon as she put it on, I knew who I made it for. Iit really looks good on her too! Who else deserves your first FO than your mom?

Mom's Rolled Brim Hat