Mom’s Rolled Brimmed Hat

Note: I guess I’m having some HTML issues on this blog. I’l look into it when I get home and get the photos of the hat up.

My first FO when I picked up the needles to learn again in September was a rolled brim hat. I really want to make a hat I could wear through the fall and I chose Noro Silk Garden without knowing much about yarn or even knitting. I struggled through, finally getting help from the wonderful Robyn at Rebelle, who showed me how to finish and that I was knitting through the back loop. Ooops. Once she corrected the problem I was good to go and once I finished off the hat, I knit the correct way from that point on. I thought maybe I had done it on my own when I picked the needles back up after nearly two years since my little scarfcapade (the three scarves I knit as Christmas gifts since I was broke that year.), but then at Christmas my mom asked if she could knit a row on a pair of socks I was working on. “Wow that’s tight!” She said trying to start, and then I saw it. <b>That’s where I got the backwards knitting from!</b> We sat down and I showed her the correct way to knit and then she revealed her mother had taught her like that. Three generations of back loop knitters. Eek! I showed her my backwards hat and as soon as she put it on, I knew who I made it for. Iit really looks good on her too! Who else deserves your first FO than your mom?

Mom's Rolled Brim Hat

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