It Must Be A Record

Two days in a row, this must be some kind of record. I worked away at my Interlocking Leaves socks while I watched Disc 2 of Doctor Who Season 4 last night. I’m through one and a half repeats so far for the instep and I don’t think I’m too far from turning the heel. I’m liking this pattern a lot. Easy to follow and I haven’t gotten bored yet. It feels like it’s going pretty quickly.

Interlocking Leaves

It’s snowing again here. Already there’s about four inches on the ground. My workplace was hit pretty badly by the ice storms of last week and some parts are still without power. Thankfully the worst at home was some downed trees on my street.  Most of the ice and snow had all but melted away yesterday afternoon and there was a lot of grass showing just a few hours ago.  It’s January so I can’t complain too much.

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