More FO’s

Two more FO’s for today and even more tomorrow!

Trekking Socks I cast on for these socks within hours of recieving this yarn in the mail. I’d been stalking without buying for awhile and finally broke down. These only took a couple of days and I made them pretty matchy matchy within a milimeter or two.

Yarn: Trekking XXL – 126
Pattern: None
Needle Size: 1

Brainless #1 These are Brainless (Rav Link). My mom and I had decided to do a KAL together. When she got the heel she bailed and I kept going. These are only my first pair of this pattern and I really enjoyed it. It was simple but kept me interested the whole time. It was a fairly quick knit and I would knit it a third time in a heartbeat.

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Thin – Mermaid’s Song (from my very first The Loopy Ewe order)
Patttern: Brainless
Needle Size: 1

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