My needles have been clicking so much as of late. I’m determined to have my mom and stepfather’s Christmas gifts done before I go see them at Thanksgiving! They are going to be spending Christmas in Germany and France on the holiday market cruise and then to their house near Bordeaux for the holiday itself. I’m super jealous but maybe we can join them next year. It’ll be nice to see them at Thanksgiving and there’s a possibility I’ll be bringing home my canine sister to dog-sit for the holidays. She’ll be reunited with Pumpkin, much to Pumpkin’s absolute dismay and as much as she hates the idea I think she’ll enjoy having her around rather than be alone when we’re out.

Thankfully my stepfather doesn’t read this blog and has no idea of the gorgeous green ribbed scarf I’m cranking out for him. Not cranking in the literally form but this thing is flying off the needles! I cast on yesterday and with a couple of hours of Netflix I was already through the first ball. When I spoke with my mom earlier this week she mentioned that they needed some warm items for their trip since they’ll be out of their element from the Bay Area and they’re not used to the cold. At least they won’t have the snow the East Coast is getting!

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