Life went from crazy to “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” Thankfully the busiest part of the summer semester has died down but now work is about to explode. I finished my cowl and I’m going to block it as soon as I can get Pumpkin to stop sleeping in the bucket I use to give my knits a bath. She just looks too cute curled up in a bucket. I’m really trying to focus on one knitting project but it’s not easy! I have a basket next to the computer filled with stuff I want to work on and I just can’t settle on one except that darn cowl.

The weather has died down a bit here (knock on wood) and it’s at the point where we don’t need the AC on 24/7 and can go outside without immediately sweating. Also the storms have started – it’s definitely summer in Kentucky! Looking forward to a few days off and working on a single project this week. Challenge accepted!

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