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Rain and Little Women

Today is a very rainy day here in Kentucky. I had class this morning and spent a couple of wet hours out at the dairy barn learning about raising heifers which included bottle feeding an adorable little calf who also wanted to chew on my knuckles. It’s my only class this semester and I’m really enjoying it. I love all of my animal science classes, (shocker, huh?) especially the production classes. I did the sheep production class two years ago and it was heaven getting to study sheep and it’s been one of my favorite classes to date. I also really liked the meat science class. I never expected to enjoy learning about meat processing and how to take a steer/hog/lamb from animal to plate but I learned a lot.

After all of that rain this afternoon and the running around earlier this morning to take Mike downtown to a job interview, the only thing I wanted to do was come home and knit and watch a movie. So I’m enjoying Little Women, making the Amy March slippers and watching the rain outside. I’m going to continue to enjoy the day, I hope you do the same!

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Paris Mittens

I saw these mittens last night, went to bed thinking about them and then gave in this morning when I woke up. They’re just way too cute to leave sitting in my Ravelry queue. Thankfully I have the yarn and needles on hand and can cast on for them later today. Hopefully it will make the week go faster!

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What’s In My Queue – September

I’m so excited that fall is almost here! Fall is hands down my favorite season and I want to try to make the most of it this year. From Keeneland, to Boyd’s Orchards, to trails of terror, I want to enjoy it! Best part of fall is the cooler weather which means I can bring my hand knits back out and wear wool socks again without dying of heat stroke. There are a couple of things I would like to knit this season and calling them out on here is going to make me more accountable to actually DO them.

First off is the Gaptastic cowl by Jen Geigly, I’ve got some green Cascade Eco+ that has been in my stash for a long long time and would be perfect for this.

I’m loving this cozy shawl from Jared Flood, it may be more winter than fall but I could see myself using it for almost three seasons inside the house. I’ve also been dying for an excuse to try his new Loft yarn.

 The geek comes out! I love Doctor Who and this Bigger on the Inside shawl by Kate Atherley looks like so much fun. I have the perfect skein of blue Wollmeise that is a cross between Tardis and UK blue and is something I would love to wear this fall. It may have to move to the #1 spot on my Ravelry queue, especially with the new season that just came out.

Other patterns I’m considering making this fall: Afternoon Tea, Shetland Triangle, and since I already bought the yarn for it, Big Herringbone Cowl