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Link Roundup

What I’m digging right now:

This ring from wearthou on Etsy. It would go so nicely with the yarn ball earrings my mom made me.

-Really liking the look of this fun blanket. I have so many blankets on the needles but you can never had too many right?

-On the subject of too many blankets. You can’t go wrong with too many mittens either.

-I’ve made two of these market bags already and I’m looking for a third. They’re huge!

-Considering what to make for The Loopy Ewe’s Fourth Quarter Challenge.

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Knitting Up a Storm

I have been knitting and spinning up a storm in 2013. Also school, yes lots of school – but I am trying to get as much knitting and spinning in as humanely possible.


This is one bobbin of a merino/silk blend by Tempted Yarns that I bought from The Loopy Ewe years ago. I’m determined to spin down a lot of my fiber stash before the Kentucky Sheep and Wool fest so I can buy more guilt free.


I’ve also been working on getting my stash down. This is part of the January Stashdown Challenge sock on Ravelry. It’s Bloomin’ by Jeannie Cartmel. I’m knitting it out of some Trekking XXL I picked up driving through Maryland a few years ago. (ignore Mad Men in the background, I was too lazy to get up and take another photo of it.)


A couple of years ago, my mom visited me and lost her beautiful Swiss Cheese scarf so I’m making her a new one out of Classic Elite Silk Alpaca lace. So.much.knitting.


And finally… it’s been awhile but I guess I should officially go through with getting my married name huh? My wormhead hat in the foreground out of Cherry Tree Hill Possum Sock.

This week I’m pondering putting together a pom-pom garland to brighten up our computer room. We’ll see… Also Happy Birthday to my awesome Dad!