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FO: January Desert Vista Dyeworks Socks

For January, I chose Convo Me to kick off the year. I couldn’t resist these bright colors. These went on the needles, I not long after the ball dropped and I think the first sock was done that evening. The second one took me a bit longer, but I was casting on all the things for all the KALs. I really loved how these colors look together and these are perfect Valentine’s Day socks.

January DVD Socks

Yarn: Desert Vista Dyeworks on Viso in Convo Me
Needles: 2.25mm (US 1)
Heel: Fish Lips Kiss Heel
Pattern: My standard vanilla socks (Turkish Cast-On, Fish Lips Kiss Heel, Sewn-Off Bind Off)
Cast On: January 1st
Cast Off: January 10th
Ravelry Link

1 out of 12 down. I’ve got my yarn picked out for my next pair which I’ll cast on later today.

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Quickie Sock Update





I’ve been hard at work socking down (and all that other fun stuff like school, work, horse training etc) I’ve finished three pairs this month so far, however one of those pairs was new! I’ve finished four pairs for the Desert Vista Dyeworks Club this year which has been awesome. Finals this week and next. Maybe I’ll finally have time for a real blog post after that. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll do Camp Loopy this summer since I want to really get to work on Arcane but we’ll see.

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Three Pairs Down – Sneak Peak


Well it’s January 17th and so far…..I finished one pair that was nearly done, one that had from the heel up, and a full pair so far this month. Oh yeah, and a blanket!

Not too bad so far! My goal for the rest of the month is to get some heels into a pair of tube socks I finished back in November and possibly knit a whole ‘nother pair that I’ve already cast on for. Hopefully this sets a great tone for the rest of the year!

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Lollipop Socks

moondancesocks2 moondancesocks

This year I made Mike a pair of socks out of the elusive Lollipop Yarn. I stalked the website only once and managed to get both skeins I was after. This one called Moondance was intended for him as soon as I saw the preview.

I used the stitch pattern from Harris Tweed and knit them toe-up with an afterthought heel (instructions from Loop). I really like how they turned out and Mike says they’re comfortable to wear.  I started them back in October and was hoping to have them done by Halloween but they fell of my radar when I messed up the first few inches of the second sock in a bar a few nights before Halloween, so they got put in time out for awhile. I finished them up in time for Christmas and gave them to Mike that day. I’ve still got another ball stashed away for myself for later. As for the yarn itself, it knit up lovely and the colors are so vibrant. I don’t know if I’ll be stalking the site again for it but we’ll see.

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Camp Loopy Project Two Update

RockIslandFin3 RockIslandFin2 RockIslandFin


Well, I finished this project on Friday and blocked it over the weekend. I could not resist wearing it to work on Monday. I love it so much. I whined throughout the whole process of knitting the edging but wow, it really was well worth it. I carried it around for a few days before I found the perfect place to take pictures of it in downtown Frankfort earlier this afternoon. I’m so in love with this shawl and got so many compliments on it at work Monday.


Yarn: Madtosh Prairie
Pattern: Rock Island by Jared Flood
Cast On: July 1, 2013
Bind Off: July 27, 2013

I’ll talk about my next project for the final month of Camp Loopy tomorrow. I’ve got my yarn and needles ready but I’ve now changed my mind on the pattern.

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Summer Travels and Camp Loopy Update

I’m sailing right along on my Camp Loopy project. I have the first half done and the second part is coming along nicely. I’m expecting to graft the halves together tomorrow so I can get started on the edging. I would be further along if not for some gift knitting and a few commission projects that needed to be finished up. More on one of those gifts a bit further down. I’m looking ahead to Camp Loopy July already and my yarn and project have been chosen and I’m thrilled with what I’ve picked out.


I spent this past week in Delaware visiting my Dad. It was a solo trip and it was really nice to see my Dad and Myra even if only for a few days. My last day there, there were a couple of gigantic storms that drove us inside and made me a bit nervous since his house is surrounded by huge trees. It ended up being a lot of rain and thunder but other parts of Delaware weren’t so lucky. I wish I had gotten to spend more than three days with them but maybe later in the year I’ll be able to go back up.


I finished a pair of socks for my Dad while I was there. He has been a bit difficult to make socks for over the years and I think this was his fourth pair and they were a winner! I got a lot done on these socks while in waiting rooms the past few weeks with Mike who got hurt on his job. He’s in pain but getting better. He starts physical therapy this week so I’m going to guess it’ll be more waiting room knitting! You can see one of the first pair of socks I made for him in the background there.

Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss Fingering in black. I liked knitting with the yarn but I don’t know if it was the color or yarn but every single piece of cat hair seemed to get attached to this. I’m not sure I would use it for a gift again. Of course I know I already have some set aside for more socks in my stash.
Needles: US 1.5 done with magic loop.
Pattern: Harris Tweed adapted for toe-up with a short row heel. This has become my go-to men’s sock pattern for the past couple of years. Always a crowd pleaser!

We had lost most of the light by the afternoon on my last day and my camera battery and iPhone had both died so these pictures aren’t that great but I had to photograph the occasion of how much my Dad enjoyed these socks. Before I left we also picked out the next project I’m going to make for him and picked out the yarn which should be arriving this afternoon. I asked him because I had seen the pattern and thought of him but I wanted to make sure it was something he was going to like. If all goes as planned I should be swatching this evening!

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Two Pairs of Purple Socks

I’ve been on a huge sock knitting kick lately which stemmed from the past few weeks that I’ve been organizing my stash and UFOs. I have a lot of socks on the needles. An embarrassingly large amount of socks.

For this pair – I had cast on a few months ago using Susan Anderson’s How I Make My Socks. I stumbled across this tutorial from Rock Granola on Zite and realized I had a pair of mini-circs that I had tried to use years ago and quickly gave up on. Inspired, I pulled them back out and cast on with some Knitpicks yarn that had been in my stash awhile (see the trend?). I made it to the gusset, got confused and then abandoned them in my WIPs pile. I’m a toe-up sock knitter and the only top down socks I’ve done have been anklets. I picked these back up two weeks ago and was determined to finish them. I sat down and carefully reread everything. Within a day I got the first one done and moved on to the second. For this one I had to switch back to magic loop. I don’t mind the mini-circs but it was a bit too much while I was trying to get the hang of top down construction. The second sock breezed through and now I have a finished and very badly pooled pair.





Now I did say two pairs. After finishing the first pair, I stumbled across a pattern for baby socks. No, I’m not pregnant but I wanted some to have around for gift knitting. They worked up quickly and they’re adorable!



And as all cats must, Pumpkin had to get in on the photo shoot.

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Finished: One Pair of Socks

So I have been knitting. I did an entire Featherweight Cardigan in about two and a half months. My latest FOs is a pair of socks for Mike, which I finished about a week ago. I knit out of Cherry Tree Hill’s now discontinued striping yarn. I want to say the name was Pacific Ocean? I can’t even remember where I got it. I did just stockinette with a ribbed cuff and they turned out very nice. Toe-up of course. I think they’re his new favorite pair of socks!

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Gift FOs!

[singlepic id=12 w=320 h=240 float=left] Hello! It’s been a busy summer but I have a couple of gift FOs that I’ve made for my mom recently that I’m dying to show off! First up is a lace scarf made from Misti Alpaca Lace Solids. It’s the Travelling Roses scarf by Leanne (To Knit is Divine) and I chose the yarn with the intention of making a scarf for my mom for last mother’s day but I quickly found that it wasn’t going to be a quick knit and it definitely took a few repeats of the pattern before I was comfortable doing it. [singlepic id=9 w=320 h=240 float=right] I had to really keep track of my rows with a 44 row repeat. However I really enjoyed the pattern and did a majority of the knitting while watching Seasons 1-4 of Bones on Netflix so once I got the hang of it, it was a surprising easy TV knit. I made no modifications and just followed the pattern. I would knit it again in the future but not the near future.

[singlepic id=13 w=320 h=240 float=left] Next up are a cute pair of tennis socks, also for my mom. She was on the quest to make a pair of purple tennis socks but ran out of yarn. I found some leftovers of mine that would work for her to add in as heel yarn but while I did that, I knit up a really quick pair out of Cascade Fixation and sent her another ball to make her own. I used the Cascade Fixation Ankle Socks pattern by Christi H. Brockway and followed the pattern exactly. I got nervous towards the end that I was going to run out of yarn before the kitchener but I but barely made it. [singlepic id=15 w=320 h=240 float=right]I love how they turned out and I’ve already used the pattern again for a pair of gym socks for me (to be shown off soon) and I have some yarn to make a couple of more pairs for both my mom and I. She’s already worn hers a few times and I’ve worn mine once to the gym. This was really my first complete pair of cuff-down socks. I’ve only stuck to toe-ups since I began knitting socks and had no intention of doing cuff-down at all but these were so quick it didn’t matter much. I just find that cuff-down socks are so much harder to try on and I like to know I’m not going to run out of yarn as easily if I start the cuff too high and the heel not as comfortable. I’ve ended up frogging every attempt. I’m not saying these socks will turn me but I’ll definitely give cuff-down another go in the future.

Right now I’m working on numerous pairs of socks. Two WIPs socks are gifts that I’d like to complete fairly soon. My mom and I are doing a KAL with Montego Bay in Malabrigo Lace. I think she’s farther than I am even after ripping it out multiple times. I’ve got Hey, Teach! going in Sirdar Calico and I’m almost done with the back. I’d really like to finish it in time to wear this fall. I plan to extend the sleeves to 3/4 length as I’ll get more use out of it. I’ve finished up 3 or 4 pairs of socks in the past month so I need to get them photographed and posted on here. I’m in a stripes phase and I’ve decided I always need to have a simple pair of stripey socks going at all times. Right now there’s three…. They just make me happy and the yarns I’m using are so easy to wash and maintain that I want a whole drawer full of them!

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FO’s and new yarn.

Hello! I added a cute little gallery to the sidebar which is showing my FO’s from this year. I haven’t gotten that far with adding yet so it’s still a work in progress.

Froot Loops So the first FO up is  Froot Loops from Knitty. This was the July sock at Magpie Yarn. It took me so long because making the actual loops hurt my hands so I put it down for awhile. I decided to give them to my mom and her recent visit inspired me to visit them.

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Thin – Rainbow Sherbet
Needle Size: O’s
Mods: Toe-Up, Piccot bind-off.

Striped Socks for Mom Next up is a simple pair of toe-up socks again for my mom. This was my first time using Lorna’s Laces. I loved the Grumperina colorway and cast on immediately after getting it in the mail. The colors reminded me of a shirt my mom had when I was little so it was a given to give them to her. She loves them and says they’ll fit under her shoes perfectly.

Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Sheppard Sock Multi – Grumperina
Pattern: None. Basic toe-up.
Needles: 0’s

I have more FO’s to show you tomorrow. But now for the part you’ve all been waiting for: The new yarn! I had a Birthday 10 days ago and that led to some major stash enchancement from my parents. First up is the yarn I  got with my gift certificate from The Loopy Ewe that my Dad and stepmother gave me.Birthday Yarn #1 From left to right (Numma Numma Toasty in Baba Ganoush, Fannie’s Fingering in Kaleidscope, Dream In Color Starry in Dusky Aurora, Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Select Semi-Solid in Dove and ShibuiKnits in Wasabi.) Click to embiggen.

Birthday Yarn #2The second group is from the trip I took with my stepfather to Magpie Yarn. The only one he didn’t buy is the purple one (unknown yarn) since my mom purchased that one on a different day. On the left is Mountain Color Bearfoot and the white and purpley is J.Knits in Cincinnati. The rest are fairly self-explanatory.

Okay, moving away from knitting for a second. SAVE CHUCK. I can’t believe this fun show may be going off the air. I didn’t start watching until this season but it’s become a show I’ve highly enjoyed and looked forward to watching every week. I love talking with my Dad about it after he watches (he started watching right from the beginning). Here’s hoping it gets some good rating tonight. Until tomorrow.