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It’s feeling a lot like Summer



It already feels like Summer in Kentucky, but for once I don’t feel like we’ve been cheated out of Spring. It came early in March, and with the exception of a week or two here and there, it’s been pretty nice! It’s been cooler in the evenings, which has made for some time with the horses without dripping with sweat.

A couple of months ago, we got a second horse which has become Mike’s horse. His name is Woodford and he’s warmblood (not 100% sure of the exact breed) and he’s been a dream. He is the perfect husband horse. He’s calm for Mike but still has a little bit of spunk to keep things interesting. Woodford has been great with beginners that have visited and had one very special morning on Derby day, when he took great care of an NFL quarterback (yes, you read that right – photo on my Instagram!).

With all the horse excitement, I haven’t been knitting as much – BUT I am hard at work on my follow up to my Mount Airy Socks. I’m going to work hard on getting it finished and published – hopefully within the next two weeks. I’ll announce the release here and on my Instagram. I’ve been knitting my samples out of Malabrigo Sock and A Homespun House Olsen. My goal is to try to knit all of my samples myself at least twice – one with an Indie dyer, and one with a commercial yarn. I know it won’t always be the case, but I’m going to try my best to make it happen. I’ve actually pulled yarn for my THIRD pattern already and I can’t wait to start knitting it up!

Between my new pattern and my DVD June socks keeping me busy, I’ve joined the Shawl Society from Helen Stewart! The first pattern was released this morning, and I’m so excited to cast on! I have my yarn picked out, and I just need to cake it up and cast on. I still haven’t cast on my DVD June socks but I’ve got it caked and ready for when I get a chance to start them. I can’t believe it’s six months in already! I’m off to work on my pattern…. or cast on my shawl. Happy knitting!

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Camp Loopy Project Three


Happy August! The summer has just flown by. My summer semester final was this morning and now I have nearly a month until the fall semester starts. I’m going to cram as much knitting and spinning in as I can between work. I’m going to need to with the project I decided to do for August.

The requirement is at least 800 yards and since I didn’t want to do another lace project for this month, I chose the February Lady Sweater. I’m using Cascade 220 in Lilac Heather. I was all set to do Girl Friday, however the idea of a one piece sweater instead of seaming pieces really appealed to me since time is going to be a factor. I cast on this morning after my final and I haven’t gotten too far yet but I’m really liking it so far. I haven’t gotten a picture of it yet so above is my Candy shawl from earlier this week. Happy Knitting!

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Summer Travels and Camp Loopy Update

I’m sailing right along on my Camp Loopy project. I have the first half done and the second part is coming along nicely. I’m expecting to graft the halves together tomorrow so I can get started on the edging. I would be further along if not for some gift knitting and a few commission projects that needed to be finished up. More on one of those gifts a bit further down. I’m looking ahead to Camp Loopy July already and my yarn and project have been chosen and I’m thrilled with what I’ve picked out.


I spent this past week in Delaware visiting my Dad. It was a solo trip and it was really nice to see my Dad and Myra even if only for a few days. My last day there, there were a couple of gigantic storms that drove us inside and made me a bit nervous since his house is surrounded by huge trees. It ended up being a lot of rain and thunder but other parts of Delaware weren’t so lucky. I wish I had gotten to spend more than three days with them but maybe later in the year I’ll be able to go back up.


I finished a pair of socks for my Dad while I was there. He has been a bit difficult to make socks for over the years and I think this was his fourth pair and they were a winner! I got a lot done on these socks while in waiting rooms the past few weeks with Mike who got hurt on his job. He’s in pain but getting better. He starts physical therapy this week so I’m going to guess it’ll be more waiting room knitting! You can see one of the first pair of socks I made for him in the background there.

Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss Fingering in black. I liked knitting with the yarn but I don’t know if it was the color or yarn but every single piece of cat hair seemed to get attached to this. I’m not sure I would use it for a gift again. Of course I know I already have some set aside for more socks in my stash.
Needles: US 1.5 done with magic loop.
Pattern: Harris Tweed adapted for toe-up with a short row heel. This has become my go-to men’s sock pattern for the past couple of years. Always a crowd pleaser!

We had lost most of the light by the afternoon on my last day and my camera battery and iPhone had both died so these pictures aren’t that great but I had to photograph the occasion of how much my Dad enjoyed these socks. Before I left we also picked out the next project I’m going to make for him and picked out the yarn which should be arriving this afternoon. I asked him because I had seen the pattern and thought of him but I wanted to make sure it was something he was going to like. If all goes as planned I should be swatching this evening!

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Busy and Happy

Well, school has started again, immigration is behind us, work has picked up, and we’re hopefully getting some fall weather soon. Getting busy but I’m really happy about it. I wish I could be joining my mom in France next week but maybe next spring. Did I mention the cats are finally getting along? It makes things a heck of a lot nicer around here. But seriously, how can I not be happy after getting to the other side of the immigration ordeal with a positive outcome? 84 days from submission too.

We’ve started planning our trip to Victoria/Vancouver in October since Mike can leave the country (legally). He hasn’t seen his family since last year and I’m looking forward to seeing the area he grew up in and getting to know his family. We’re either going to fly into Seattle or Vancouver and take the ferry to Victoria.

Thankfully I’m only taking one class this fall and then plan is to fit the trip in-between my  class time. My class this semester – Dairy Production. It involves two lectures a week and a trip out to the dairy unit to see the cows and production first hand. The class coordinator has been trying to get me to take it for a long time and I’m excited it’s finally fitting into my schedule. We’re a week in and  so far it’s been really interesting. We spent yesterday afternoon out at the dairy barn getting a tour and seeing the life cycle of the dairy cow (including babies!!).





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Life went from crazy to “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” Thankfully the busiest part of the summer semester has died down but now work is about to explode. I finished my cowl and I’m going to block it as soon as I can get Pumpkin to stop sleeping in the bucket I use to give my knits a bath. She just looks too cute curled up in a bucket. I’m really trying to focus on one knitting project but it’s not easy! I have a basket next to the computer filled with stuff I want to work on and I just can’t settle on one except that darn cowl.

The weather has died down a bit here (knock on wood) and it’s at the point where we don’t need the AC on 24/7 and can go outside without immediately sweating. Also the storms have started – it’s definitely summer in Kentucky! Looking forward to a few days off and working on a single project this week. Challenge accepted!

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Cream and Sugar Cowl

Lately I’ve been feeling the need for a quick project that’s somewhat mindless. I had the Cream and Sugar Cowl  in my queue and pattern library for sometime and really had been looking for the right yarn to cast on. I purchased a lovely skein that I’d been coveting for months from Woolgirl a few years ago, and had wound it few months ago and finally pulled it out and cast on Friday. It was well worth the wait. I’m loving the pattern and the feel of the wool cashmere blend as I’m knitting with it. Definitely not the right time of the year to wear it as it’s been over 100 degrees every day this week, but it’s nice to nice sitting in the AC at home.

Definitely hope it cools down somewhat in the next day or so. It would be nice to go outside or some rain would work since everything is very brown and dead here.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

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Days Off

I enjoyed a wonderful day off today and it helps that I finally have a somewhat regulated sleep schedule! It took about two weeks of classes and work, but I’ve finally settled into a nice summer routine. This won’t last long of course since it’s only an 8-week session, but I’m going to enjoy it for now.

I’ve been getting up anywhere from 6-8, working on some homework, knitting, or blog reading. Mike is getting pretty good at making earl grey lattes and will bring them up. We both end up lounging around on our computers until I have to go to work. Around mid-afternoon, I come home for “lunch.” We sit around talking, and sometimes get some more work in on my homework. In the evening after work, I’ll turn in my assignments and get in some knitting or reading time before bed.

Today since I was off and no assignments due yet (group projects!), we hung out and watched movies, stopped in at BabyCakes for some yummy cupcakes, and just enjoyed a well-deserved day off. I have a bunch of stuff I need to get done tomorrow and although we haven’t decided on our plans yet, we’re going to try to go out and get involved in the July 4th celebrations here in Lexington.

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Knitting Update

Anyone participating in the WendyKnits Summer Solstice Knit Along?! This is my second year (out of two!) and last year I knit my shawl out a beautiful Socks that Rock color called Happy Go Lucky. I have the first part of the pattern but I’ve yet to decide what I’m actually going to knit it out of. I’m slacking this year due to a project of my own I’ve been working on. Once I had it under control, I’ll pick a yarn and cast on.

Right now I’m also working on the Tosh Purse. It’s worked up in cute little triangles and is perfect for stopping and starting when necessary. I’m doing it in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Limited Edition Silent Night and I just love how it’s coming out so far.

I’m planning on cranking out a lot of knits this summer! I’m really enjoying a couple of the things I’ve been working on that I’ve designed myself and I can’t wait to share them with the rest of the world. Since I don’t have any knitting photos ready to share, I’ll leave you with a glimpse of our froyo date from the other night.



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Slight Makeover

I’ve been cleaning up the blog a bit because I *gasp* actually tend to use it! Even though work and class are going to take up a lot of my summer, I really plan on using this space as much as I can. I’ve got a lot of exciting things in the works and I plan to share them here!