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Summer Travels and Camp Loopy Update

I’m sailing right along on my Camp Loopy project. I have the first half done and the second part is coming along nicely. I’m expecting to graft the halves together tomorrow so I can get started on the edging. I would be further along if not for some gift knitting and a few commission projects that needed to be finished up. More on one of those gifts a bit further down. I’m looking ahead to Camp Loopy July already and my yarn and project have been chosen and I’m thrilled with what I’ve picked out.


I spent this past week in Delaware visiting my Dad. It was a solo trip and it was really nice to see my Dad and Myra even if only for a few days. My last day there, there were a couple of gigantic storms that drove us inside and made me a bit nervous since his house is surrounded by huge trees. It ended up being a lot of rain and thunder but other parts of Delaware weren’t so lucky. I wish I had gotten to spend more than three days with them but maybe later in the year I’ll be able to go back up.


I finished a pair of socks for my Dad while I was there. He has been a bit difficult to make socks for over the years and I think this was his fourth pair and they were a winner! I got a lot done on these socks while in waiting rooms the past few weeks with Mike who got hurt on his job. He’s in pain but getting better. He starts physical therapy this week so I’m going to guess it’ll be more waiting room knitting! You can see one of the first pair of socks I made for him in the background there.

Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss Fingering in black. I liked knitting with the yarn but I don’t know if it was the color or yarn but every single piece of cat hair seemed to get attached to this. I’m not sure I would use it for a gift again. Of course I know I already have some set aside for more socks in my stash.
Needles: US 1.5 done with magic loop.
Pattern: Harris Tweed adapted for toe-up with a short row heel. This has become my go-to men’s sock pattern for the past couple of years. Always a crowd pleaser!

We had lost most of the light by the afternoon on my last day and my camera battery and iPhone had both died so these pictures aren’t that great but I had to photograph the occasion of how much my Dad enjoyed these socks. Before I left we also picked out the next project I’m going to make for him and picked out the yarn which should be arriving this afternoon. I asked him because I had seen the pattern and thought of him but I wanted to make sure it was something he was going to like. If all goes as planned I should be swatching this evening!

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Busy and Happy

Well, school has started again, immigration is behind us, work has picked up, and we’re hopefully getting some fall weather soon. Getting busy but I’m really happy about it. I wish I could be joining my mom in France next week but maybe next spring. Did I mention the cats are finally getting along? It makes things a heck of a lot nicer around here. But seriously, how can I not be happy after getting to the other side of the immigration ordeal with a positive outcome? 84 days from submission too.

We’ve started planning our trip to Victoria/Vancouver in October since Mike can leave the country (legally). He hasn’t seen his family since last year and I’m looking forward to seeing the area he grew up in and getting to know his family. We’re either going to fly into Seattle or Vancouver and take the ferry to Victoria.

Thankfully I’m only taking one class this fall and then plan is to fit the trip in-between my  class time. My class this semester – Dairy Production. It involves two lectures a week and a trip out to the dairy unit to see the cows and production first hand. The class coordinator has been trying to get me to take it for a long time and I’m excited it’s finally fitting into my schedule. We’re a week in and  so far it’s been really interesting. We spent yesterday afternoon out at the dairy barn getting a tour and seeing the life cycle of the dairy cow (including babies!!).





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Antiques From France

I wanted to take a few minutes to mention my mom’s blog Antiques from France. She travels to France a couple of times a year to buy amazing antiques and brings them back to California to sell. As my stepfather would say, “What a life!” She has a beautiful house outside of Bordeaux in a tiny village. I’ve been lucky enough to go with her twice on these trips and it’s truly amazing. Her village is so quiet and peaceful and so different from the fast paced life most of us lead. In her blog, she discusses life in France and her travels around the beautiful countryside of the Dordogne, her crafting and interesting finds she’s discovered at the brocantes. In the future I’ll be posting about my past two trips with her to France.

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What I’ve Been Up To

Well maybe the fact I got a new computer will help with the timing of my updates but only time is going to tell on that one. Other than that we just got back from a trip to see my family in Delaware. I didn’t get much knitting done but on our return I finally sat down and learned how to crochet! So my first project is this giant granny square blanket out of left over sock yarn. It’s coming up nicely and it moves along very quickly.

Delaware was lovely. We got out to DC and to Baltimore to see zoo and aquarium. I was very impressed with both and I’ve been to a lot of zoos and aquariums in my time! We had kept planning on going up to Philly but never actually made it up. Especially not after finding out the DC zoo had pandas (Mike’s favorite animal). On the way home from the Baltimore Aquarium, I asked him to google which zoos in the country had pandas. When we saw that DC did, our plans for the next day were pretty much set.We drove out to a point in Maryland and took the metro to a stop near the zoo and walked down to it. It was a beautiful neighborhood. After spending the day walking around we took the metro downtown and checked out DC a bit. I’ve never seen the White House before and the cherry blossoms were blooming so it was the perfect time to be there.

I also took Mike to see Miles the monster at Dover Downs. It’s a big statue of a monster holding a race car in his hand. I have no interest in Nascar and neither does he but it’s still an impressive statue. Other than that we spent some time in Lewes and stopped in to a very nice yarn shop called Ginger Moon. I purchased from black Tili Thomas sock yarn (had no idea she made sock yarn)for a pair of socks for my Dad. He prefers neutral colors which I’ve learned the hard way over the years. I think this will finally be the perfect pair for him. Otherwise it was a nice way to spend spring break. I’m now working along and plotting how to get to France this year. Did I mention I’m getting married this year as well? However we have nothing set in stone, not even a date. More on that to come soon.

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First time for everything

I was digging through my stash this afternoon for Magpie Yarn’s Earth Day swap this weekend and came across a skein I had completely forgotten about. If I had remembered and taken the time to enter it properly on Ravelry I know it would have been knit up as I was hungering to make a pair of socks out of that yarn base a few months back. I remember buying it and I remember Jane asking if I wanted it wound but it got shuffled away not long after I bought it and I forgot about it’s existence. No more! Mountain Colors! Come on down!

The other reason for the stash dive is I’m picking out projects that are going to travel with me this summer. Long plane trips=tons of knitting time and I don’t want to waste any of it. So far I have a couple of lace projects I want to start and finish and a few socks. I really want to get a bunch of projects off the needles and by the end of the year only have about 15 or so on the needles at all times. I seem to fall out of love too easily with a project and I need to push myself to stick with it.

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This time I have an excuse!

I just got back from a two week trip to France, so I do have a legitimate excuse for my absence. It was amazing, the food was amazing and I actually got a fair bit of knitting done. I completed a pair of socks for my stepfather for Father’s day, a pair of booties for a one of the twins born in my mom’s village and one of my Spring Forward socks done. Pictures of the Spring Forward socks are coming soon as I just finished them last night. I’ve moved to to my Charades as my next project which is destined to be an FO. I’ll post more once I get my photos of France onto my computer.