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I managed to finish all three months of Camp Loopy this year. Wow. It was tight at the end with classes starting but I got it done and bound off just under the wire. Next year, I’m going with smaller projects! This picture is a rough look at my unblocked February Lady Sweater. A couple of long ends are showing that will be trimmed once it gets blocked.

Now for classes and fall excitement. I’ve got a couple of things I’m working on in between school and work (which is going to be insanely busy in the next few months). I took a yarn dyeing class last weekend at A Tangled Yarn in Nicholasville. It was so much fun and I want to reskein the yarn before I take photos of it. I did quite a bit of fiber and five skeins of yarn and probably would have done more fiber if it wasn’t for the 90 degree weather. Next time!

I’m finally off on Saturdays and Mike and I have been trying to enjoy them as much as possible, since we haven’t had a day off together in months. We saw The Butler on Saturday. I think it’s the first non-action movie we’ve seen in a long long time. It was a wonderful movie and invoked a lot of emotions. It’s well worth it if you’re looking for something to see.

Have a great short week!

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Constantly Knitting

Lately I’ve been knitting in every second of my spare time. My mom has requested some knit headbands for a couple of her antique shows this holiday season to put antique buttons and pins on, so I’ve been hard at work with those. Also a couple of my co-workers have asked me to make a few custom items for them. I really love making those small things. Instant gratification and then often I get to see the knitwear in use which means me happy. I’ve got so many knitting plans and a sweater to finish and *cough* secret gifts to make *cough* so when I’m not working or studying it’s been full on knitting mode.

I was browsing the Knitpicks website and I think I’ll be making one or two of these tiny little sweaters for our tree this year.

They’re way too cute and will add a nice personal touch to our tree. We were in Target a few weeks ago and saw some wreaths wrapped in yarn. I figured I could do one myself instead of paying $20 for one. Looks like I’m not the only one with this idea! I LOVE this one from The Pleated Poppy even though it’s not wrapped in yarn, it speaks to me. I’m going to have to plan out what I want to do and make it this week. Maybe one for Thanksgiving and another for Christmas. All of them are just gorgeous. I’m thinking we’re going to have a very yarn covered Christmas…


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Weekend Full of Knitting (and some spinning)

Hello. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend (all zero of you since that’s how many read this). I’ve been working hard on a pair of socks and been attempting to do some spinning. I’m horrible at it so far and I really don’t want to frustrate myself to the point of not wanting to look at it again so I’ve been taking it slow. After my laundry is done I plan to give it another go for a few hours and hopefully things will start to click.

I’ve been sick for the past month or so with a sore throat. My doctor thought it was a virus and gave me some antibiotics which really didn’t do anything. He might be right and it could be allergies, but my voice has been slowly going the past week and it’s starting to scare me. I couldn’t yell at my cat to get her off the counter the other night. It was more of a hushed command and she could have cared less. So in hopes of regaining my voice for this weekend, I’ve stayed in as much as possible lately and rested to give it a chance to come back. Monday starts the busy season at work until June/July so I’m also enjoying having <b>nothing</b> to do.

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Awaiting my new toy.

If I told you I would finally fix my problems in WordPress this weekend, that would be a total lie. Why would it be a lie? Because my new wheel is set to arrive today! After the disaster that turned into my Christmas wheel that my mom got me, we settled on a Louet S17 to replace it. It’s a good starting wheel so I think this will all work out well for me. Did I mention I’m excited?