Long long time

I’m not dead, not even close. I think the lack of posts came from a number of things: the busy season at work, the fact my blog was pretty new and just lack of wanting to deal with the errors that weren’t making things work right. I think the upgrade has improved things a bit so I’m ready to continue. I’m loving the things I’ve been knitting lately.

I’ve got a couple pairs of socks on the needles. A pair of stockinette in Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome in Cherry Blossom. This is my first attempt at two socks at the same time:


(Yes I realize they’re different lengths. I originally was going to do them separately.)

A pair of stockinette in Lorna’s Laces Grumperina Colorway:

Lorna's Laces Grumperina

A pair of Zombies for sock club in 101 Araucania Ranco Solid:


I made a quick knit in the form of a Blackberry Cozy for my Blackberry Curve. I’m too afraid to drop it on the rough floor at work. I used some leftover yarn from my first pair of socks:


A gorgeous but secret project for my mom… Too bad she knows the link but I’ll post pictures once it’s in the mail.

Spinning has been going well, but I’m going to take my wheel to my LYS since I don’t think it’s completely together properly. It’s just hard for me to get up there during the week.

Lately I’ve been finding some of the best TV to watch while knitting are these cheesy Lifetime movies. They all turn out the same but they’re funny to watch.

I planted five tomato plants last week. This is my first big gardening attempt and I’m trying my best to remember to water them! I also planted some chamomile and some spearmint in little pots to dry out for tea. I love loose leaf tea and I make a great nighttime blend using those herbs.

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