First time for everything

I was digging through my stash this afternoon for Magpie Yarn’s Earth Day swap this weekend and came across a skein I had completely forgotten about. If I had remembered and taken the time to enter it properly on Ravelry I know it would have been knit up as I was hungering to make a pair of socks out of that yarn base a few months back. I remember buying it and I remember Jane asking if I wanted it wound but it got shuffled away not long after I bought it and I forgot about it’s existence. No more! Mountain Colors! Come on down!

The other reason for the stash dive is I’m picking out projects that are going to travel with me this summer. Long plane trips=tons of knitting time and I don’t want to waste any of it. So far I have a couple of lace projects I want to start and finish and a few socks. I really want to get a bunch of projects off the needles and by the end of the year only have about 15 or so on the needles at all times. I seem to fall out of love too easily with a project and I need to push myself to stick with it.

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