Adventures in Crochet

This past winter, I took a couple of crochet classes at Rebelle. The first one was basic crochet and the second was a granny square class. My crochet skills were very basic and limited but I knew enough that I didn’t fall behind in the class and happily hooked along.

I have started a granny square blanket (I guess technically two) which I’ll talk about at some point, but I haven’t actually finished a project bigger than the starter fingerless gloves we learned in class. I was going through my Noro stash a few nights ago and I came across an embarrassing amount of Noro Taiyo sock. I got on Ravelry to look for patterns and found the Half Granny Square Shawl by Anastacia Zittel. I dug into my hooks and had the right size and got busy. I’m loving the process so far it’s been so mindless and who doesn’t love the Noro color changes? I have found one knot but otherwise I’m really enjoying this project and I do a row a couple of times a week when I need a break from whatever I’m knitting. It’s the perfect project to get your feet wet with crochet. Here’s hoping it will be my first finished project.


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