Some Spinning

I’ve been breezing along on my February Lady Sweater. Going down the body now and hopefully I can start the sleeves by the end of the week. Check out these great buttons from The Loopy Ewe.



When I haven’t been working on my sweater, I’ve been doing some spinning!

This came off the wheel last week. I started spinning it for Tour de Fleece but didn’t ply it until a few weeks after. It’s from SpunRightRound and it came out to about 200 yards of DK. I don’t have any plans for it yet, so into the stash it goes. Maybe some colorful mittens?


I decided the wash the fleece I bought at the Kentucky Fiber Fest. This was my first time washing a fleece and I really didn’t want to ruin it. I gave it four 30-minute soaks in Unicorn Fiber wash per instructions from the Joy of Handspinning’s site. It’s been drying since Saturday night and now comes the fun part – carding!

Lastly, I’ve been promising Mike I would make him some gloves for quite awhile. A few months ago I came across the Masse Mitts by Ann Budd and knew he would love a pair of these. I decided last week that I’d put it off long enough and he’s going to keep them once the weather gets colder since he has a good bit of walking in his commute. I couldn’t find a yarn I liked for them so I’ve decided to spin it myself. I found some gorgeous Romneydale/CVM on Etsy in a chocolate brown that matches his jacket and I’m going to start on it as soon as my sweater is off the needles. I got 8ozs so I can make him a matching hat too. Next will be a scarf out of pure alpaca.

Happy Knitting!

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