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There was an article last week in the Boston Globe about the rising popularity of knitting while watching Netflix. Of course, most of us knitters have already been doing this for years. I personally have enjoyed this activity since 2008 when I got Netflix, just a year after I seriously started knitting. I began with North and South, MI-5, and by Christmas, I had binged the first four seasons of the new Doctor Who. While doing this, I churned out socks, scarves, and a lot of pairs of Fetching. I thought it would be fun to regularly share what I’ve been Knitflixing and give a short review. I don’t plan on discussing the shows that everyone is already watching (West Wing, Doctor Who, etc), I’d much rather unveil hidden gems that aren’t always on everyone’s radar or require some digging.

Show: Suits
Where: Amazon Prime
Project Type: Stockinette a pattern with a simple repeat.

At the beginning of the summer, while working on my samples for Added Elegance Socks, I discovered Suits on Amazon Prime. I had never seen a promo or clip at all about this show before I started watching it, and didn’t even have an inkling as to what it was about. I was hooked from the first episode and happily binged my way into the first four seasons, and then waited for Amazon to add in Season 5 once Season 6 started to air. The show is about a law office in New York City and one of the lawyers, Mike Ross is not an actual lawyer. The banter and chemistry between the characters are fabulous, and how adorable are Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams? This show is smart, witty, and was very easy to knit along with. There are heartbreaking moments and scenes that will make you curl your fists with anger. I highly recommend it to any crafter and I eagerly anticipate Season 6, which is currently airing.

Disclaimer: I normally do not have a problem knitting a vanilla sock at the movies, however, what might be easy for me, might require others to pay more attention.

Next Thursday – Home Front.

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