A Light Year for Sock Knitting

I went through and updated my Ravelry page this week and out of curiosity, I looked to see how many socks I’ve completed this year, 26. 24 of which you’ll see in the photos below and I’m going to try to remember to update the blog on how many I get knit before the end of 2018. 

9 pairs are gifts or were already gifted. Quite a few are pattern samples. 10 are a pair of the Desert Vista Dyeworks Monthly Club

I’ll admit, this was a light year for socks. The six patterns I published took a lot of my attention and I came close a few times to not finishing my DVD socks for the month because of that. I had a couple non knitting projects that needed work as well as launching my doTERRA business that took time away. Most of the stockinette socks were knit while out at the movies which always helped me get a lot done. 

This was also the year that I focused a lot more on patterns socks than just stockinette. I would like to get a few more done before the end of the year and with 23 days, that should be plenty of time to knock out a couple of projects that are SOCLOSE to being done. 

I’m going to talk about this more on my podcast which will be out tomorrow. 

Also I’ll be back with a special announcement for what I’m working on in 2019. 

Happy knitting and be present!

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