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With the change in Ravelry and Instagram, I’m finding myself needing a better way to keep track of my projects. I’ve decided to give the blog another chance and see if it sticks.

During the height of the pandemic, my knitting stopped to a grinding halt. I had no interest in it whatsoever. It’s taken over a year and during that time up until recently, I. was even forcing myself to knit. 13 years of knitting constantly and I just didn’t want to do it. I thought a few months ago I was back and whipped up two pairs of socks right at the beginning of the year.

Now, my desk is once again covered in projects and notions. I’m not just lugging around my knitting bag when I leave the house in hopes that I’ll get bored waiting for curbside pickup somewhere or placing my knitting nearby while watching something on Netflix so I can keep my hands busy. I actually want to knit and finish projects now.

Last week, we went to our first movie since last February. The experience was surreal. I started a sock towards the end of the movie once the popcorn was done. I had done so much knitting in the movies in the past, that we actually canceled the first time we were going since I didn’t have a project suitable for movie knitting and we were already out. I couldn’t bring myself to go in without my knitting.

I’ve finished two projects this week so far. Some socks that needed ends woven in and another pair of socks where just one sock needed a heel.

Previously I had tried to finish 52 pairs of socks in one year. I had originally decided to try again in an effort to motivate myself. This year is FINISH 52 pairs of socks in one year. I’ve done that before. Some are new knits, others will be finishing some of the single socks I have laying around or socks that have been on the needles for longer. 52 finished pairs.

So yes, I’m back and my goal is to try to blog a few times a week and it’s mainly for myself to keep track of projects that I’m working on. If you want to stick around and check out what I’m working on, you’re more than welcome!

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