Another Yarn Filled Week

I managed to cast off multiple projects this week, nothing which I’ve photographed yet, so this is an informal photo dump type of post. None of the photos were actually intended to be for the blog, but I wanted to make a post anyway and went with what I had.

Yesterday, I cast off a pair of socks that were started early this year. I started them with the intention of doing another round of the Desert Vista Dyeworks Annual Sock Club, but it didn’t quite pan out. I think this will be another year that I’m going to sit out completely at this point. I think the last year I finished a full year was 2018. My stash is pretty low on DVD yarn so I may treat myself to a couple of skeins soon.

Swans Swimming Socks working through the cuff.

This is the Swans Swimming colorway. As soon as I started to setup to take a photo, a storm started and stole all of the good natural light and it never quite came back before it got dark! I used my HiyaHiya 9 inch circulars and switched to 32 inch circs for the cuff. Purling with the 9 inch circulars is not something I enjoy very much.

Pioneer Girl Shawl by Susan B Anderson

I’m finally casting off my Pioneer Girl Shawl by Susan B. Anderson. This has been on my needles for at least 5 years, maybe 6. I’m not even 100% sure I added it to Ravelry back then. I had multiple problems where I wasn’t paying good attention to what I was doing, so it went on extended time out. I cranked out the lace last week and now working through the edging. I enjoyed the pattern and it’s something I would consider again.

I pulled out some deep stash that my mom had given me a few years back. I have two skeins of this handspun from The Fibreworks. It’s about 500 yards of a laceweight alpaca blend. I’m mulling back and forth between a few different patterns for it, but I’d like to finish it by the Fall if possible. I think it’s going to end up as something fairly lacy.

I finished another pair of Opal Sweet and Spicy socks which I’m estimating were cast on in 2019 and just fell through the cracks. I finished one and it got shoved into a knitting bag with the yarn for some reason.

This weekend I’m aiming for some FO photos for some 5 pairs or so of socks that have been done this year. I’m just about done with the socks from last week’s post as well which I’m thinking may might off the needles tonight or tomorrow. More socks!

Until next week! Have a happy weekend of knitting!

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