Socks and Socks and More Socks

I finally sat down and photographed all of the sock FOs that were piling up on my desk. Seven pairs finished this summer and one pair from 2019 (!).

The first pair is a pair of men’s socks out of Regia Arnes and Carlos in Bramble which is 2460. I think I cast this pair on during Black Panther, in 2018. They were hanging around for AWHILE.

This pair was cast on in January and I alluded to them in a previous post. The yarn is Desert Vista Dyeworks Zien in Swans Swimming.

The next pair was cast on and finished in September to October 2019. They were just never photographed and hung around for years. This was a lot of ends. I believe it was from a set from Vesper Yarns and I used her lavender yarn for heels, toes, and cuffs. I striped the different colors through the foot and legs.

This was my latest FO and I finished it up yesterday, right before I took photos. It’s Opal Fresh and Juicy 9362. I cast on in July and off in August.

I cast this next pair on in June and off in July. Opal Sweet and Spicy 6752. I do love my Opal.

This pair was cast on in 2018 and it was out of some leftovers from a sock blank I got from Spun Right Round. They should have been finished years ago but I kept tangling the yarn and then sending it to time out.

This pair was cast on in 2019, probably from the location I’m writing this blog, but I honestly have no memory of when I started it or knitting on the first one. It’s more Opal Sweet and Spicy 9127.

The last pair was cast on and knit tube style and I added in the heels, toes, cuffs and separated them later. I worked off one ball from Alchemy Yarns of Transformation in Autumn Ecstacy. I used some of the second ball for the heels, toes, cuffs and may still do a pair of shorty socks from the rest of the yarn.

In a nutshell, I think my knitting mojo is back. I’m actually enjoying it again and enjoying the heck out of my phone which can take amazing low-light photos. I am debating another sock club which I’ve put in a poll on my Instagram stories today to see if anyone is interested. I’ve got two socks as well as a commission project on the needles which I can’t show right now. I hope you’re all doing well and staying cool during this heat. I know in a few months we’ll be freezing and look back fondly when it was warm out.

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