3 Pairs at a Time

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I think it was early last year that the trend of knitting 6 pairs of socks at once was happening in one of the Facebook groups I was in. I was intrigued and wanted to see if I could manage to do it, but almost every pair of TAAT pairs I had tried over 13 years had ended up tangled with some of them taking years to go back to once I got frustrated by them. 

I really wanted to participate in this one and I got the genius idea to try to knit 12 sock tubes at once I thought I was brilliant.

That was an utter failure and I still have little rings from where I tried the first few rows in my scrap bin. 

I wasn’t ready to give up. I had spent money on the 60-inch circular need and I wanted to at least give it a good try even if it took me a few years to do. I cast on my toes, knit them past the increases loaded them one at a time onto the intimidating 60 inches Chiagoo circular. I did it this way to keep tangling to a minimum and I wanted my toes to look fairly neat. Once I got to four pairs, I realized I wasn’t going to have much space on the needle and it was getting heavy so I started with 4 (goal of eventually working up to 6). 

Life happened and I made it a few rows and then put it down and lost my will to knit for most of last year. I pulled them out when I was doing an online training class but at the time it was too hot in my office for 4 pairs of socks to sit on my lap and I instead working on making sure they were pulling from the inside of the ball, not the outside and managed to tangle one pair. Away it went for a few months since I wasn’t interested anyway. Pulled it back out, removed offending tangled balls and their socks, and worked a few more rows. Away it went again until this Spring when I tried again and away they went. 

Yesterday I had some time to wait around and I was inspired to pull them out possibly get the momentum going to finish them. I ended up turning two heels before I put it away yesterday. It’s all downhill from there now. I took advantage of the backdrop to actually get some photos of them. 

Now the guessing starts, will I actually keep working on them or will they go back into their cozy bag until 2022? 

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