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I can’t imagine how many pairs of socks I’ve knit over the past 14 years while talking to my Dad at this counter.

I was doing pretty well with once-a-month updates. I’ll have to post at least twice in December now to make up for it! There’s going to be another post with just FOs. Maybe two posts now that I think about how many there are.

I traveled for the first time in two years to Delaware to visit my Dad and stepmother for Thanksgiving. He had some scary health issues in April and we weren’t vaccinated yet so at the time the best thing we could do was to stay put in Kentucky. I was so relieved and excited to be able to see him and hug him in person. I’m grateful he’s tough and didn’t see his health as a setback and I think he’s going stronger than he was when I saw him in 2019.

I brought multiple WIPs.

We watched football, I gave him socks I made for him, we ate good food and enjoyed Thanksgiving.

Not the prettiest photo, but these are done! They stayed behind and are well-loved.

One of my goals was to find a Starbucks Delaware mug. I searched long and hard for it on multiple trips for both this series and the last series. On this trip, I was intent on finding one and giving my mug-loving husband one for his Birthday. After multiple Starbucks, Eureka! I gave this to him and he immediately had to get a selfie with it. We have a large collection of these Starbucks mugs and it was nice to add this one in particular to the collection.

For both my husband and I, seeing the ocean on this trip was important. I lived either near the Atlantic or Pacific most of my life until I moved to Kentucky and it’s still odd not being able to see the ocean with a quick or not so quick drive. We ventured out near Prime Hook and even though it was cold, I walked in the sand (with shoes) and satisfied my ocean-loving heart for now.

They don’t decorate much for the holiday anymore and keep it pretty low-key. I saw the tree and immediately wanted to add a handmade decoration to it and I made a mini-stocking. I used the Teeny Tiny Toe-Up Ornament pattern by ThatJen (Ravelry link) which I’ve made a few times before. I was able to get a quick photo while running through as we were leaving for the airport. It was sad to leave, but I know I’ll be able to soon and I plan to get home more for the holidays and other events. I haven’t been good about that since I got married (10 years now!). The next task will be getting our passports renewed so we can go to Canada as well to see his family.

This wasn’t a very knitting-heavy post, but I do have one on the way with some WIPs!

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