Happy 2023 and some changes are coming

2023 is here and I’m ready to talk about what’s changing in my life.

A few months ago, I had a sudden urge that I needed to complete my degree, but with a change in my major. I had stopped classes a few years ago when my work schedule was overwhelming and school wasn’t an option anymore (before I was designing). I finished the final semester with a 4.0 and then school fell off the map.

Fast forward to now, I reapplied in November and was accepted back in, now as a double major. I want to finish my original degree, but the second one is more likely what will be used in my life. I’m thisclose to finishing the first, but missing prerequisites for the final stretch and I can fill in with the courses from the second major. I’m grateful that I’m much better with time management and managing stress than I used to be.

This also is part of the reason I’ve paused creating any new patterns. I’m reformatting and expanding sizing for most of them over the next year. It’s something I’ve needed and wanted to do. They’ll all be up at purlkitty.shop – I will be selling there and LoveKnitting. My patterns will be shown on Ravelry but will only be available for purchase in those two locations – most likely before the 9th when classes begin.

The other change is I’ve finally embraced what I feel is what I’m meant to be doing in my life, helping others. I have taken the steps to be certified as a mindset and life coach. I want to help others make similar changes to what I’ve done when I was at my lowest point. It’s a big pivot, and I’m excited to make the leap.

I am still knitting! I’m working on some men’s sock as a belated Christmas gift for my stepfather since I won’t see him for a few more weeks. I’ve forgotten how tedious they can be, but he keeps telling me how much he loves the last few pairs I made so I’m going to push through.

Mystery yarn and Harris Tweed pattern by Ali Green. (YouTube video on note taking in Notion in the background).

This post is long enough so I’m going to end it here. I’m active again on Instagram – come find me there and follow along on my sock knitting adventures!

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